Prepare what questions to ask when you see your doctor or provider in the office or the hospital.


View and save suggested questions to discover what to ask your doctors and providers in different health situations. Prioritize from most important to least important questions.


Bring the app on your phone with you when you see your doctor or use it on your phone while you are in the hospital seeing different doctors and providers so you can easily reference your saved questions. Never feel like you didn’t know what to ask ever again!


You can easily record audios of your doctor’s answers, take pictures, or type notes so you’ll never forget what they said in the room while talking to you!

Discover Key Features

Suggested Questions

View suggested questions of common medical topics.

Write Questions

Write and save your questions that you want to ask when you see your doctor or other healthcare staff.


Think about which of these questions are most important to you.

Save Answers

Save private recordings of your doctor or other healthcare taff, take pictures or type notes for each of your questions. 

Stay Organized

Keep all your questions and answers about your healthcare organized in one place.

Print or Email

Print or email your saved questions and answers anytime for easy sharing with your doctor or family. 

“There were questions that I would have probably never thought to ask, and it is the freedom to express yourself.”

-Psychiatry Patient , Columbus, Ohio