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Getting the right answers starts with asking the right questions


Bedside Chats

What is Bedside Chats?

Bedside Chats is a mobile and desktop application for you and your family to discover questions to ask your healthcare provider that you might not have thought to ask. Bedside chats helps patients engage with their providers in the hospital or clinic. You will be able to save questions, organize them into lists, and attach notes and answers to refer back to later.  

Why do this?  

Patients often leave a healthcare encounter feeling that all of their questions weren’t answered, or have a difficult time recalling the specifics of their discussions after the consultation. Through Bedside Chats, we are building the tools needed for you and your family to engage in useful and satisfying conversations with your providers. 

If you have any questions, contact us anytime.  

Bedside Chats Team

Long Tutorial Video August 30, 2021 – 30 Minutes

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Quick Tutorial Video August 31, 2021 – 12 minutes

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Explore planned medical topics

Expect a wide range of medical topics to help you ask the right questions ranging from all areas of healthcare. From emergency situations to chronic diseases, types of providers, procedures, and more. Here’s a sample of what we’re working on at this time. Expect even more.


Heart Disease
Heart Failure
High Blood Pressure
Skin Disorders


Birth Control
Pelvic Conditions
Irregular Bleeding


Alternative Medicine
Weight Management
Work Stress


Affording Medication
Medical Insurance


ED Physician
Hospital Physician


Bipolar Disorder
Dealing with a Loved One
Domestic Violence
Loss of Loved One


Bariatric Surgery
Gallbladder Surgery
Heart Bypass Surgery
Heart Cath and Stent
Joint Replacement


Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer
Lung Cancer
Tissue Biopsy

Discover the key features

Personalize your topics

Choose topics that matter most to you and make things feel more personal.

Explore Questions

Discover questions that spark important conversation and find new questions you were thinking about or may not have thought of on your own.

Learn from the community

Gain a new outlook on your situation by learning what other people in your shoes are asking thier doctors.

Organize and Save

Save your questions to your personal account and organize questions by lists. Rank questions by urgency. Attach answers to questions in the form of text, audio, images or files. Create PDF summaries of your content for sharing and priting.

The easiest-to-use collection of medical questions on the web

Discover what to ask your healthcare provider in any medical scenario, at home, in the clinic or hospital.

A searchable question database with over 20,000 questions

And it s growing every day.

Your own personal collection

View saved questions quickly when meeting with your doctor or healthcare provider. Attach answers to your questions in the form of text, audio, images or files. 

Free mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Desktop

So you can discover questions when you’re at home or on the go.

Community of patients

People just like you – our community pages lets you learn what others are asking their health providers and share your own questions.

A personalized experience

Customize your topics to suit your needs. Organize questions within lists, and attach answers so you always know where to find the information you need when you need it. 

Real Stories from Our Patients Using Bedside Chats

Get inspired by these stories.

"I really liked the opportunity to open up more conversations with my doctor. Asking the questions made it feel more personal, which I really liked!"

Primary Care

Columbus, OH

"I thought it was a great interactive tool that can turn visual 'cold' medical conversations into more engaging and empathetic ones."

Primary Care

Columbus, OH

"It was different. I enjoyed the exchange between patient and doctor. It also took the edge off of being in a hospital setting. I almost forgot I had on a mask (smile)."


Columbus, OH

"There were questions that I would have probably never thought to ask, and it is the freedom to express yourself."


Columbus, OH

"Awesome. I gained a lot of insight into Bipolar II Symptoms. I had no idea about Bipolar II until today. A real eye-opener."


Columbus, OH

Our Users Ask

Will Besides Chats use my personal medical information

We will never sell your personal information to other companies. Your privacy and personal health is a number one concern.

Will using Bedside Chats cost me any money?

Bedside Chats is free for all users.

Does the app provide patients with answers to thier questions?

Most people trust their health provider as thier number one source of medical information, we’ve left many of the questions without answers so that you get the answer straight from your healthcare provider. 

How can I use Bedside Chats to help my family member?

It’s easy. Create an account and fill it with the most important questions. As soon as your family member logs in with the username and password you’ve created for them, they will see all the questions you’ve chosen for them.

Who can I talk to if I’m not fully satisfied with the app?

Your satisfiaction is our priority. Please contact us right away.

Who decides which questions to include in the app?

A team of board-certified physicians and healthcare providers related to each speciality.

How is my data being stored and protected?

All data is stored in the Amazon Cloud, an industry standard for safe HIPAA-compliant storage. View our data-collection and privacy policy.


How can I help this concept grow?

We seek and encourage any critical feedback you may have as opportunities for us to grow. Please submit feedback in the contact us page in this website or submit feedback in the account section of the mobile application. 

Coming Soon: November 2021

Open up more conversations with your doctor and never again forgetting what you wanted to ask. Stay knowledgeable and live a healthier life!

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