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DESIGN. Feel confident and prepared when talking to your medical provider

  • Browse lists of questions to discover what to ask your medical provider in different health scenarios
  • Keep your questions in organized lists and refer back to them when talking with your medical provider
  • Easily save your providers’ answers to each question using audio, text or images so you don’t forget what was said
  • Never again feel like you didn’t know what to ask

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Explore Questions

View lists of questions of common medical topics, procedures and scenarios

My Questions

Save or bookmark questions in special lists to be used during visits with your doctor or provider


Rank your questions by level of importance

Track Progress

Attach notes and answers such as audio recordings, photos, files or text to your lists of questions

Stay Organized

Keep all your thoughts and goals about your healthcare organized

Print and PDF

Convert your questions and answers anytime to PDF for easy printing

Our Users Say

A new revolutionary approach to patient-doctor communication

"I really liked the opportunity to open up more conversations with my doctor. Asking the questions made it feel more personal, which I really liked!"

Primary Care

Columbus, OH

"I thought it was a great interactive tool that can turn visual 'cold' medical conversations into more engaging and empathetic ones."

Primary Care

Columbus, OH

"It was different. I enjoyed the exchange between patient and doctor. It also took the edge off of being in a hospital setting. I almost forgot I had on a mask (smile)."


Columbus, OH

"There were questions that I would have probably never thought to ask, and it is the freedom to express yourself."


Columbus, OH

"Awesome. I gained a lot of insight into Bipolar II Symptoms. I had no idea about Bipolar II until today. A real eye-opener."


Columbus, OH

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We know

Learning about your health problems can be confusing. It’s hard to know what to ask. Sometimes you forget what was said. You don’t always feel heard. There’s not enough time to talk about everything. Doctor’s are busy. You are just as busy. Things can feel rushed. But you deserve answers, and everyone deserves to live a healthy life.

For Patients and their Families

  • Not to feel confused during medical discussions about your health
  • Easily prepare for conversations with your healthcare provider
  • Organize your thoughts before a healthcare visit
  • Focus on your needs
  • Know what the right questions are to ask
  • Understand what is making you sick
  • Find out what can be done to help you get better

Our History

Bedside Chats was initially a sponsored research by the American Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Back-to-Bedside Grant and has achieved its current state of development through guidance from The Ohio State University Technology Commercialization Office, Uplancer Software Company, Innovation Studio, College of Engineering Capstone, Center for Clinical and Translational Science Co-Design Studio, and Rev1 Venture Capital.

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